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by Grow Girl Hair •

The Fashion Week Hair Trick Worth Pulling Straight from The Runways

It isn’t hard to have a good time getting ready for a party, but it can be easy to get a bit caught up in the razzle dazzle. Is a full-length velvet jumpsuit more elaborate than office soiree attire requires? Surely that’s perfectly work appropriate… And how much sparkle is too much sparkle for cocktail hour? Seems like sometimes the answer is never enough… Thankfully, designers and industry hair darlings have already mastered one beauty equation for effortless embellishment, and their overarching answer was scattered across runways again and again: Barrettes, bobby pins, and hair baubles were the above-the-neck accessories of choice this past fashion month, with delicate variations dotting catwalks from New York to Paris. At Gucci, gleaming ornaments were positioned like polished crowns over loose, windblown waves, while Simone Rocha secured side-swept parts with pearl and jewel encrusted barrettes that felt like a modern mixtape of schoolgirl sweetness and ultra-ethereal regality. And for a more understated cool-girl approach, simple metal bobby pins paired cleverly with heavy black eyeliner to evoke a Margot Tenenbaum moodiness. And aside from its undeniable charm, perhaps this particular movement’s real appeal lies in its simplicity of application — who doesn’t have ten extra seconds to fasten on a sartorial win before jetting to the next fête? Below, four runway-to-reality adaptations that are eliminating the guesswork surrounding festive, celebratory flare this season: source: [free people]