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Dry Shampoo: Is Dry Shampoo Bad for My Hair?

by Grow Girl Hair |

Dry shampoo vs. Traditional shampoo

Which is better? Is dry shampoo bad for your hair? –Or does it actually work? These are three questions running rampant through the natural hair care community.

Traditional shampoo has a reputation for helping to rid your scalp and hair of dirt, debris, oil, and product buildup. We are all ultra-familiar with the role these products play in a healthy natural hair care regimen. You know to steer clear of sulfates and paraben-laden products and you are vigilant about choosing those poos that contain ingredients that are seemingly authentic and natural –but how does dry shampoo compare to what you know so well?

Dry shampoos come in the form of aerosol sprays, flour-like powders, and mousses. No matter the formulation, dry shampoos generally function in the same way. With application down to the root level, their primary role is to cleanse the scalp area of excess oil and build up that we know can impede hair growth and potentially even trigger scalp irritation and inflammation. It’s considered by many to be a fantastic method for refreshing your scalp and hair when you don’t have time to perform a full-service wash.

Can You Use Dry Shampoo on Natural Hair?

You can use dry shampoo on natural hair, however kinky, coily, curly textures do not require a lot of this product. Its primary use should be for those who have a difficult time with excess oil production. Naturalistas generally have the opposite problem in that their hair is in constant quest of adequate hydration.

Dangers of Dry Shampoo

Some dry shampoos contain ingredients that are not so healthy and may pose a risk to you –mainly if they include talc powder or other harmful elements that can cause scalp buildup, obstruct hair follicles or trigger dandruff.  Always read your labels carefully and proceed with caution.

Dry shampoo is not a replacement for the traditional shampoo and conditioner process. Expert stylists alike agree that you should still wash your hair using those customary poos and conditioners to clean your hair and restore moisture.  

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