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Transitioning to Natural Hair: 8 Basic Tips for Beginners

by Grow Girl Hair |

Congratulations on your decision to transition to natural hair. Your journey will never be dull, and the result will be well worth the highs and lows of daring to embrace your natural kinks, coils, and curls.

Here are eight basic tips for beginners about to navigate their own path to natural hair freedom.

Prepare for a Series of Highs and Lows

The first few months of going natural will test your will power to see your transition through to the end as you get to know your natural hair type and which products do and do not work so well. Get ready for hair triumphs and styling failures.

Pick Your Transition Styles Now

It’s never too early to begin thinking about what hairstyles will work well for your hair as you manage two different textures. Choose styles that will decrease the amount of time you spend touching your hair such as protective styles.

Moisturize Your Hair

Keep your hair rich with moisture to decrease the risk for breakage ---particularly along the great texture divide of chemically treated hair and afro hair. Use a deep conditioner regularly.

Decrease Your Use of Heat

Put those heating tools away or at a minimum, turn down the heat to avoid weakening your strands.

Trim! Trim! Trim!

You may be anxious to preserve your length, but you want to keep your hair manageable and reduce all risks for breakage.

Prepare for Trial and Error

No matter how pretty the packaging or sweet the scent of your latest natural hair product choice, do not grow too attached. There is a real chance that by the time you finish transitioning your hair, your favorite new product will not be as effective and you will have to make yet another switch.

Get to Know Your Hair Porosity

Learn about your natural hair porosity. This information will help you to know which hair products are best for your hair and which ones to avoid.

Become a Hair Accessory Fashionista

Now is the time to stock up on hair accessories. There will be bad hair days and what better way to disguise them than by wearing a hair accessory such as a headwrap.

These are just eight tips to help you successfully transition to natural hair. Every naturalista has a story she can share about their role in the natural hair movement, but her story will not necessarily be yours. Through her mistakes and successes, you have the opportunity to create your own narrative. Good luck!

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