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Trend spotlight: hair accessories

by Grow Girl Hair |

We almost can’t believe we’re writing this, but bold barrettes, scrunchies and headbands have made a comeback. Love it or hate it, statement hair accessories are having a major moment right now and the more we see it, the more we’re inclined to try it out ourselves. We’ll be the first to say that clips and headbands feel a little too young, but the modern way of wearing them brings a cooler, more curated and polished feel. Here, we’re breaking down five of the top trends, showcasing how to style them and offering up a few of our favorite current buys. Let’s talk hair accessories!


Big, bold barrettes may feel like a style from the past, but modern women are giving the trend a 2019 makeover with perfectly planned placement, colorful gems, dainty pearls and tortoiseshell accents. The same goes for decorated bobby pins. The days of hiding a mess of bobby pins under your smooth, sleek pony are gone, making way for jeweled pins that provide the right amount of girly glam to your hairstyle.

A favorite way of styling these barrettes and pins is to simply place them either on one side or both, often in a group of two to three, a few inches from your part. This immediately elevates an otherwise casual, loose curl or sleek straight look. Here, you can see how a grouping of jewel-encrusted bobby pins adds a fun touch to a soft curl.


Another fashionable way to add some color and interest to your hairstyle is through a headband. This year’s favorite is a knotted headband, often dotted with tiny pearls or featuring a sweet bow. Soft, satin fabrics are also a chosen trend of the season as are bright pops of color like red or copper.


If you consider your style to be more flowy and bohemian, a hair scarf is the ideal accessory for you. They’re great for giving your go-to ponytail an added punch of color and style. We prefer a hair scarf be attached to a scrunchie or headband as it ensures the scarf stays in place all day and makes it that much easier to style, but a loose scarf is just as fun. Here, you can see how a loose scarf looks tied in a casual bow around an effortless ponytail.


And, of course, the scrunchie is back and better than ever! This once modest ponytail holder has become a total fashion statement through bold patterns, bright colors and silky fabrics. These are even being worn on the wrist as a cute, yet practical accent. Here, you can see how a scrunchie, in the right fabric and pattern, can make a ponytail look polished.

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